Chinese Muck Truck Warning!

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Fake, pirated or counterfeit items sold or made in China are found throughout world. It is estimated that 90 percent of products sold in China is copied/counterfeit/fake. The market value of pirated and counterfeit goods produced in China is estimated at over billion per year. By some estimates counterfeiting costs companies that produce the originals billion in sales worldwide.

We at Mucktruck are targeted by fake products. Here are the facts of why we think you should stay away from copied Mucktruck products.

The Facts

Chinese companies are formed “set-up” with monies loaned to them by the government and not Banks. Therefore, when a victim of this crime sues a China company both the Judge and the company effectively is paid from the same entity. The only success Mucktruck has achieved with the battle against Fakes is to pursue the importer distributor of such items into countries which have regulations that support IP (intellectual property) of designers.

If we decide to pursue you as an importer distributor of Chinese copied Mucktrucks we will firstly evaluate your company assets. Then we will send you a letter from our solicitors to ask you to stop. If this fails, we will take legal action against you. We have always won our court cases with intellectual property. The estimate for costs for each of the parties will be approx. $ 250,000.00. The damages we claim are about the same usually.

Your Chinese supplier will not help nor support you. Why would they, you have already paid them and they can just move on to their next victim. Chinese counterfeit companies work on a strategy of R.O.I which simply stands for Return On Investment. Even if you could claim some damages from them as long as they made a profit throughout the whole deal they are happy because their investment netted them profit.

If you are not convinced yet, let us help you with hard facts why you should never buy a “Copy Mucktruck.”

Mucktruck have both registered and unregistered intellectual property rights. If the product you are buying is so similar as to cause confusion as to its source then you will infringe our IP. You decide from the following pictures if it is worth risking your company for a little extra profit. We bought a machine from ANT recently and here are the pictures.

Owner Terry Rowlands Presents:
Muck Truck Equipment vs. Inferior Chinese Copies

Side-by-Side Comparison: Muck-Truck vs. Garden Loader


Muck Truck Front View

Garden Loader Front View

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Muck Truck Top Decal

Counterfeit Top Decal

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